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chiv.jpg (27604 bytes) Brian 'Chiv' Chiverton took these classic shots in the summer of 1962. He then cynically cashed in on the celebrity value of the staff depicted by selling multiple copies around the school.

We present them here by kind permission of the copyright holder at absolutely no charge whatsoever. You may copy them for your own personal and private use (however perverted) but please get in touch before re-publishing them in anyway. Chiv can be contacted at

There are 60 poignant poses, 56 staff and 6 of Chiv's contemporaries which we include merely for completeness.
(I mean to say, Mold, Hutch, Gil etc.. their stars will fade but Pad's name will live for ever.)

I don't think
I can stand the shock
I am over 18 and
I need to see them NOW