The D-Stream - Year of 1960

SanDown Grammar School on the Isle of Wight

- all those people who were so much a part of my life but whom I never really knew -

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Write down YOUR list before you peek at mine.

Sandown Grammar School
Link to some disturbing visions - good for staff and the Choir.

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FormTeachers Form Teachers
From Jazz to Flannel and beyond.
Watch out - your old school enemies are looking for YOU on the Isle of Wight web-ring!
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Pictures My D-Stream Pics
With historical links.
Friends Reunited
A useful contact point.
Join me!
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chiv.jpg (27604 bytes) The Chiverton Gallery
The legendary staff collection and now also 'Out and About' in 35mm colour!
Sandown High School
Link to the present.
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